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Toy Story 3 - Day Care Dash - Funny Game

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Toy Story 3 - Day Care Dash Description

Toy Story 3 - Day Care Dash

Woody can’t find any of his friends. Oh look, Lotso is here, maybe he knows where they are. Looks like Jessie's stuck in a file cabinet.
Find the key to the cabinet and help Woody get her out!. Jessie is safe thanks to Woody but Buzz is stuck on a high ledge!. Let's go find a way to get him down!. Buzz is back in action and he's learned that Hamm is stuck on a runaway train! Let's go stop that train!. The last time that Hamm saw Slinky Dog, he was sniffing around the vending machine. Let's see if we can track him down!. Slinky dog has caught Rex's trail and it leads to a pile of blocks. Let's find Rex under those blocks. That's everyone!...Now let's go back to Andy's! ...

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