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Super Mario Land 2.1 (2011) - Funny Game

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Super Mario Land 2.1 (2011) Description

Super Mario Land 2.1 (2011)

Now based on Super Mario World, the game include : vertical scrolling, two layers of tiles, Auto-scrolling levels, Movable layer 2 and Water Mode level. SMF2 contain more types of collisions than SMF : ledges, water tiles and different kind of slopes.
Mario has also more moves, he can : swim, slide, climb on vines, walk on walls and fly using his magic cape (feather).
Mario can carry objects like a koopa shell, a springboard or the pow switch. Yoshi is also present to help Mario to deal with way more types of monsters than the first game.
The world map is back with a SMW look, you can unlock the four hidden switch palace. Of course, also includes an in-game level editor which allows you to create your own levels with powers ups, tiles, monsters and platforms.
Note: you can save and share your levels using level codes generated by the game.

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