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Star Wars Games : Sharp Shooter - Funny Game

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Star Wars Games : Sharp Shooter Description

Star Wars Games : Sharp Shooter

Ready your blaster and train your clone trooper for the ultimate battle. Move your mouse to aim your blaster and click the mouse to fire at any of the targets. When your energy bar is empty, press the spacebar to recharge your weapon. Your points must equal or pass the designated goal to move onto the next level. To earn points, hit as many targets as you can within the allotted time. Aim for the droid and hologram targets. Be careful not to shoot the red targets though, they will cost you points!. You'll get more points for greater accuracy, so aim for the middle most portion of each target. Along with the targets, blast shields will be crossing your path making it increasingly more difficult to get your shot. Your hard work will be rewarded. Depending on your score you will get a codeword allowing you to upgrade your clone on the upcoming CLONE WARS: LIVE FIRE game. Stay tuned!

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