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Star Wars Games : Racer Rush - Funny Game

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Star Wars Games : Racer Rush Description

Star Wars Games : Racer Rush

The game lets the player control a podracer and race in 3 different racetracks set on the planets of Hoth Tatooine , and Naboo .
Racer Rush is a top-down racing game where the player races against AI opponents, navigates intricate racetracks, and collects repair/speed boost pick-ups to gain the upper hand against his competitors.
The podracers are customizable before each race: both their appearance and performance can be set to the users' desired preferences.
The vehicles are destructible. The enemies can be rammed to make them crash. Racetracks have some areas which slow the pod down, or (e.g. pits) where it can be destroyed. Some NPCs re-spawn after their crash, while others are permanently eliminated from the race.

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