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Looney Tunes Games : Coyote's Chase - Funny Game

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Looney Tunes Games : Coyote's Chase Description

Looney Tunes Games : Coyote's Chase

The Looney Tunes game Coyote Chase lets you play as Wile E. Coyote trying to build the perfect rocket to catch the Road Runner in a super speedy 3D racing challenge. Avoid obstacles and try to catch up with your prey while you grab Acme cash to buy better gear in the shop. Improve your rocket with upgrades like faster speed, better armor and more gadgets so you can make it farther and farther in the race.
"AD" or "Left, Right arrow keys" to Steer
Space Bar: To start at an awesome speed, stop the meters in the green areas
Pick-up these items along the way to improve your score and your performance

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