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Kick Buttowski Games : Snowco Launcho - Funny Game

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Kick Buttowski Games : Snowco Launcho Description

Kick Buttowski Games : Snowco Launcho

Play Snowco Launcho he may be small, but he's determined to become the world's greatest daredevil. Kick starts his stunt on the ramp. Click the Rev meter or tap space bar.
When kick has launched, click on the boost button or press the Forward Arrow to activate kick's boost and push him forward... Click on the LIFT button or press the up arrow key to activate Kick's lift and swing him upwards.
Click on the Parachute button or press the Down arrow key to activate your parachutes and slow your fall. While kick is flying through the airm try to collect these to increase your WOW points. You can use WOW point to Upgrade your vehicle after each stunt.
Watch out for these. If you crash into them they will damage your vehicle. If you take enough damage your vehicle will break apart.
Try to fly through trick hoops. Each time you fly through a hoop, you add to your tricj bar. When your trick bar is full, kick will perform an amazing trick
Kick has icons that move around him, pointing in the direction of nearby hoops and ramps. these icons get bigger the closer kick gets to the hoops and ramps.

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